Meetings And Events

Business Meetings

The hotel provides with a heavenly environment for all sorts of extravaganzas. The vicinity provides with a suitable environment for any sorts of all sorts of social gala whether it is a business conference, either a social gathering or promotional campaign. It’s the best place where one carry out their conventions.

The search for an ideal and impressive place where one can just sit and deal with their clients is over, as the peaceful and heavenly environment of Hotel Atharva provides with its luxurious services and the view of the monumental Mahakal Temple. This is environment filled with the kind of positivity needed for giving the deals a good end.

Social Events

The time spent with near ones is what humans seek. The social beings are automated to have good times, a ladies day out or men’s leisure time hotel Atharva has it all. The cheerful giggles of the birthdays celebrated and the beauty of all the weddings proceeded and many more memories cherished are the gifts hotel Atharva showers upon and is ready to give away a millions more.


There is absolutely no other place that can be any more suitable than hotel Atharva to be the center of attracting a huge crowd on any random day. The elegance embraced by the spot is remarkably marvellous which is what people love to wrap themselves in. It’s the mecca for the traverse lovers and not just a traveller’s inn.

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