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A little brief about wedding

It is one of sacred sixteen sanskaras or sacraments. It is not just the bond between two people but also between two families. Two individuals who are considered to be compatible form a lifelong partnership at this ceremony in which the responsibilities and duties of a householder are explained. Apart from these facts weddings are much more as it is a beautiful ceremony and is filled with the colors of love and joy. It all comprises of cultural beauty with all the colors of joy.

Wedding Planners

The Wedding Planner is our pride and joy. We constantly search for amazing products and ideas to bring to our brides. It’s hard to put into words how excited we get when we find something special and are able to present it in the boutique. It’s all for the love of watching you smile and we are ready to do it again and again. Our services ooze perfection so everything is on time which results into your comfort and we love to do that.

Marriage Garden

1. Akshat garden:- 35000 sq ft area
2. Kumkum garden:- 45000 sq ft area(both garden sufficient for 500 to 7000pax)
The lush green sprawling lawn surrounding with various type of aesthetic plantation. Mahakaleshwar shikhar durshan from garden.